Our Vision

Establishing knowledge-cum-meditations complex in tranquil and pure unruffled environment surrounded with natural resources in the form of ashram to carry out study,

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Our Mission

Providing unique opportunity to comprehend and disseminate shri shirdi sai's literature, philosophy, intellectual wealth, wisdom and symbolic deep knowledge and

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Our Aim

To build the entire complex with a prayer-cum-meditation hall having shri shirdi sai statue where cash offerings will not be permitted under any circumstances, No provision of cash

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Our Plan

Acquire, develop, construct and administer landed property for ashram through individuals, public central/ state/ UT government.Arrange essential amenities at working place

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Sai Books


Special Appeal

We humbly request all the followes and devotees to come forward in associating themselves with the activities of shri sai gyan ashram and contribute in its progress for the following:

  • Donation of land for ashram
  • Make contribution for constructions and management of ashram
  • Organize programmers related gyan activities,
  • Financial help in publication of books and publicity material
  • Promotion of research and development works
  • Support and recognition for new literature of gyan ashram
  • Helping poor children and intellectuals involved in the activities of ashram
  • Commitment to self to remove fallacy and acquire good knowledge of sai
  • Help in associating others with the gyan ashram

Contact Us

    Shri Sai Gyan Ashram

    Hapur (Panchseel Nagar),
    Uttar Pradesh